Asus X556UA Hackintosh MacOS Sierra [18/04/2017]


When you can’t give up on MacOS, you go Hackintosh. It’s far from perfect and little harder on laptops, but it’s doable. Now I’m taking my brand new Asus X556UA, Core i7 7500U, Intel HD Graphic 620, 8G DDR4, 256G SSD.

I used Clover, I found it easier to work with. All you need to do, is to download these files and to your Clover USB. I will keep these files updated as much as I can, There still no Kaby Lake system from Apple and some new technologies are hard to implement.

Clover UEFI

If you have any comment, improvements, data and other tips, please join the following discussion: Asus X556UA Issues


Currant MacOS Sierra version: 10.12.4


Sound – Works native now with ALC255.

Keyboard – Works

Ethernet – Works

Camera – Works

TRIM – Works

CD-RW  – Works

HDMI Video – Works


Battery Status –  Works


Graphics – Fixed the cosmetic bug and Power Management. Until Apple introduce Kaby Lake based machines I don’t think there’s much to do now.

Scarlett 2i2 – Works

Still in progress: 

HDMI Audio – I need to recheck it.

Touchpad (Shows as Mouse not trackpad, community work in progress)


To Test: 

Doesn’t Work:

WiFi – Broken again, Kext doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Last Edit: