Fantasy I for Lute / Omer Katzir


The Fantasy

The Story:

I wrote this Fantasy in 2008 while studying with Dr. Levi Sheptovitsky and this is the third issue of  it. The 1st was done with Finale giving me very poor results, especially in the tablature section, the second edition was done with Wayne Cripps Tab, but I still needed a full version with both tablatures and staff notation.

This is pretty much an example of what Lilypond can do, as I wrote in The Linux Story – The Music Engraving Incident. Now, this was not only my work and I’m thinking Lilypond’s hivemind, I couldn’t really get this perfect result without their help.

In 2012 my grandfather Matitiyahu Kosiver died at the age of 95 (or 94 according to some other calculations), his life and death left a great impact on me. My grandfather came from a small Jewish village in Poland and at the age of 3 was sent to a Cheider and then Yeshiva. In 1940 he joined the Russian army to fight the Natzies. If I recall right, only my grandfather and one of his cousins survived the holocaust.

In the day of the funeral my uncle said to me “Your grandfather lived like a king, and died like a king”.


So please enjoy Fantasy I!


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