The Linux Story – Part I – The Prehistoric Era


A long long time ago…

My first Linux experience was in 1998, some introduced Linux as the next operating system, much safer and better then Microsoft’s Windows. I remember Installing Red Hat (Now Fedora), Suse (Now OpenSuse), Debian, and other distributions. There were some compatibility issues but I did manage \in the end to use Red Hat with KDE.

But at that time, there was nothing in it for me. I tried several other versions of Red Hat but I pretty much forgot about it, plus, some Linux people were over enthusiast and claimed Linux is perfect and Windows is the root of all evil, some probably still do. I stepped away from Linux for a while but I do recall trying Fedora in around 2003 but I still couldn’t find anything in Linux for me.

Now, in those days, Microsoft rules the Operating System market (it still does in a way) but it was also the time of viruses and malwares all over the new growing Internet. I never cared much about these things, and I never had viruses or malwares, just common sense user. I have nothing against Microsoft or Windows or Bill Gates. I think Microsoft provided us with good technological advances and easy to work system. Plus, games developers preferred to develop for Windows. I think I’ve used every version of Windows since Windows 3.11, some more then others.

After graduation from high school and started to work not only on my music but on others too, Windows and PC’s could no longer support my needs, even with a strong computer it just wasn’t natural. Don’t ask me what do I mean, I’m not a psychologist, I can’t explain it. I tried changing software, Windows version, dedicated drivers. Still, nothing worked right.

So, I’ve made a drastically and expensive change.

Want to know more? Stay tuned to the next post.

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