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I will start this story from the start, few years ago I moved to Macintosh, I found better platform for my uses. several years ago I had two macs, my main iMac and Mac-mini For that handles my home theater uses. I had three external hard drives, one of them was dedicated to my music library which holds about a year worth of music and always expending. As a mac user, the logical choice to handle my music library is iTunes (I also had iPod and now iPhone) to be honest, I was looking for different application but I couldn’t find one I felt comfortable with.

Back to the hard drive. One day it died, not a natural death, one of my cats (Venus) just decided to kick it off the book case. I did managed to restore some of it, but much was lost and I had to use a different hard drive to store the survivors and to start restoring the library. For now, I managed to restore almost every single album I had.

Now you need to understand, I love music, I actually listen to music when I’m not playing, as B.B.King sings “Music is love and my love is music”. I have bands like Acid Bath, Soulfly, Kyuss together with B.B.King, Metallica, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and it goes to Dr. Dre, Eminem and of course some classical music, Beethoven, Telemann, Holst. I hope you got the point, I listen to a very wide variety of music.

But one thing in iTunes always bothered me, I could not find a way to create a smart play list of albums (I don’t like listening to single songs from albums) I had to do some research and after a while I gave up. Recently I tried again and asked the guys in Macrumors and the answer was found, I felt kinda stupid because it was in front of me all the time.

So as a good person I will share the answer with all of you. First step is going to Controls, then Shuffle and change it to By Albums. Then creating a smart list my first rule and only rule was to select only albums with less then 5 plays. Of course you can select by genres, rating, last played, and more. For the limit I selected 15GB (so it will fit my iPhone) and of course, to select it by random.

Now, iTunes is not a perfect application, there are a lot of missing features like styles or moods but it does work for me, it send music all over my network so I can listen to my music everywhere in the house, syncs with my iPhone and just works.

Here’s my love story with iTunes, the tragedy of a dead hard drive and the finding of what I need.

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