The Weekly Playlist – July 5th 2014


The Playlist

The Story & Winner

This was a bad week, really bad. Sunday morning we decided we don’t want cable it costs too much for, 200NIS (about 60USD) I spent a total of four hours trying to get customer service, never got that human response. In fact, I never got to customer service. It wasn’t on the recorded menu and even in their Facebook page there’s no answer. So I had to do the two things the law allows me to do, first, I sent a complaint to the ministry of communication. Second, I sent a fax to the company with a specific request for disconnection, they must respond to that in three days, they haven’t, so I stopped all payments. I have free cable, internet and telephone now, until the other company install my new order.

On tuesday morning I resumed my work on my guitar project, I finished it but made a beginner’s error and forgot to save it. The power went down and I lost three hours of work. Other then that, my network is going crazy, the MacMini and iMac showing signs of fatigue, I’m not even sure if it’s the new OSX upgrade or just old age.

And if you hear the news, three Israeli teenager were kidnapped and murdered by the Hamas.

The only two good points in that week was my guild getting WoW heroic boss after hard work and of course, music. And Genesis came in the right time with the platinum collection I have, as usually with collections it brings the best of the best and some less better pieces. Now, I’m not a big fan of Genesis,if I’ll have to describe them it will be genuine pop, it’s not the instant crappy pop made by MTV or Born Star/whateveritscalledinyourcountry. At the same time, it’s not really rock music. Whatever you describe it, I must say the platinum collection brought me some peace of mind only for that great timing I’ll give it 5/5 as for the music, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just plain music, created in the name of music, which makes it better from most pop artists out there today.

The Request

As Always, if you have any recommendations I’ll be glad to hear! just leave a comment here or in any channel you feel like.