19/05/2016 – The Pieces


Prelude No.7 / Fernando Sor

Romance / Francois Milino

Waltz / Ferdinando Carulli

Allegretto / Ferdinando Carulli

Allegretto Grazioso No.2 / Mauro Giuliani

Waltz No.34 / Matteo Carcassi

Sonata in C Major / Matteo Carcassi

Romanza / Anon

Andantino / Mauro Giuliani

Rondo / Francois Milino

Prelude in A minor / Dionisio Aguado

Canon in D / Johann Pachelbel Arrng, Nicola Mandorino

Little Waltz / Ferdinando Carulli


After quite a while of being out I decided to come back. Already with one recital and another one scheduled, I’m also working to recreate my studio again. A lot of gear is still missing, but I’m getting there.

This little piece is by Ferdinando Carulli, very fun to play and also for some basic music analysis. The sheet and tablature can be found here.


Game of Thrones Guitar Tablature


Game of Thrones Theme for Guitar / Arrangement for two guitars

Midi File


Game of Throes is a series of books written by George R.R. Martin and quickly became very successful TV series of HBO network. It is set in Medieval world with very colorful characters and interesting plot. The opening theme is one of the most intense every written (in my own opinion) although quite simple.

The Goal

As a teacher I often encounter students that are not very interesting studying staff notation or music theory as much as I like to teach it and they simply want to play interesting music. Even with my experience I often find it hard to balance between me students and me.

By arranging one of the best themes I know I hope to get this balance. On one hand, the students gets to play something he can show to his friends, fast and easy. And on the other hand, I can teach the student several things about theory and music as a whole. Another goal is to make students work with each other, therefore I also written it for two guitars.


I’ve arranged this for beginners, it is not fancy or difficult and almost every student should be capable to play it without too much experience. experienced guitar player can use different variations and use the entire guitar neck, it is applied for both parts.

I also included a link for a different arrangement by Charlie Parra Del Riege.

Please feel free to express your opinion.

Game of Thrones Theme for Guitar / Arrangement for two guitars

Midi File

Game of Thrones Theme for Acoustic Guitar / Charlie Parra Del Riege.

The Weekly Playlist – August 30th 2014


The Playlist


The Story

Of the Playlist

I will skip much of the introduction and description this week as I am not feeling so well. But go listen to Johnny Cash‘s American IV, Cash is one of the greatest ever and this minimal production explains why. If I could give 6, I would. 5/5

The Request

As always, if you have recommendation for artists or albums you think I’d like you are very welcome to send it here, email or facebook.