Music and Erotica, Few quick notes



So, in the last radio show I mentioned both subject when talking about the great B.B. King who died last month. In my opinion, one of the reasons B.B. King is so great, is the relationship with his guitar,”Lucille”. After the broadcast I was addressed by few students from the local college for more information about this topic.

Lets first mention something important, these are only notes on musical instruments, this notes should give the reader some idea about this subject, I always recommend to expend your knowledge by asking and looking for more resources. Of course, I’m not writing on all instruments or families, these are just general examples.

Musical Instruments

Wind Instruments:

The idea here is simple, in order to play wind instruments (lets say a flute) one must use the mouth, I hope farther explanation is needed. This includes Harmonicas and bagpipes.

Stringed Instruments:

How does one really hold a guitar, or in my case, lute? you hug it, you need to feel the body of the instrument (it can be  lute, Chinese Gaohu or the Russian Gusli) need to touch the neck, pressing the strings in the right places ,while the other hand need to pluck the strings to produce sound. If one can’t hold the instrument right and control the hands, the sound produced will be less the ideal.

Some instruments, such as Cello, Viola da Gamba and the Harp are held between the legs, like in Wind Instruments, I hope no farther example is required.

Violin and other similar instruments are held close to the head, often with the chin, just think a couple hugging together after the act, lets not go too visual here.


These instruments are erotic because of their role, they give and/or emphasis the rhythm. Can you think anything else that required rhythm to be good?

Keyboard Instruments:

These instruments are perhaps the less erotic instruments, or not? When one thinks about it, all you need to do with keyboard instruments is just press they keys, once in a while use a pedal maybe. So, what’s make keyboard instruments erotic? Just go and look how a good pianist plays, he doesn’t only press the keys and use pedals, he (or she) first feel the keys with the fingers, violent does not work here. One have to do it right, or the instrument just freaks out and the sound is just wrong, almost like plucked instruments, only without the hugging.


Anyone can sing, when you sing you need to control inhales and exhales, or you get too tired. Again, not going too visual again, but the meaning is pretty obvious.


As I said, these are only quick examples, if you’re interested on this subject, please go ahead and look for more info. When you’re playing or watching someone plays an instrument watch it carefully and see if these examples really works in the real world. You might never look at a musical instrument the same way ever again.