The Weekly Playlist – June 28th 2014


The Playlist:

June 28th, 2014

The Winner of last week:

This week I’m going to recommend something new. Well, it’s not really new, it’s from 1960. But hi, do you like Jazz? Good, me too! If you want to start but don’t know where, here’s the place. Mysterious Blues from 1960 will give you the right tone to start with. Nice and smooth playing by Charles Mingus (as always, he’s one of the favorites) Why I like this so much? well, this is pretty much big change from the avant-garde you may find if you’re looking for Jazz. This is real music here, not pretending or trying to be in a certain style/genre/world. Check this one out, worth every cent!

The Request:

as always, you can view the list and recommend some other bands which you think I might like, I’ll be happy to hear from you!


The Weekly Playlist – June 7th 2014


The Weekly Playlist:

The Story:

This week my about 7 years old external drive (if not more) gave me a little heart attack when suddenly decided to stop working, I had to disconnect the entire system and check everything, after it didn’t turned on again, I notice one of my cats sleeping on the power supply and for some reason it got stuck thinking it still got power, so I had to turn that one off. Lucky for me, it worked, my music is saved. It just need to hold about 6 more months before I replace it completely.

Other then that, music is flowing a really makes me happy. With each new list I get to listen to albums I never even knew I had. A recommendation I got two weeks ago turn out to be great, A band called Cathedral with sweet sweet music.

My other projects are going on nicely, although I decided it will be my week off from work, I still had some done and I hope to publish my results soon.

The Request:

Review my list and I will be happy to read any suggestions, Podcasts also count!