Well, I have a good reason, really. I’m thinking on a different format, if I wont find the right one, I might go back to the original one, if I will, you’ll know about it.

My decision to keep my old MacMini came with a price. I will replace it soon, but not right now. It took me two weeks to reach this decision with the options I had and I believe I made the right call on this one. Not going to be long until I replace it, probably with a newer model if not with a new iMac.

These last two weeks were hard and the next two will be the same. I have many decisions to make, some are more critical then others. I will probably reveal more as time passes, some of my priorities need to be clearer and I often find myself very confused.

But don’t worry, I’m here, almost.

The Weekly Playlist – August 30th 2014


The Playlist


The Story

Of the Playlist

I will skip much of the introduction and description this week as I am not feeling so well. But go listen to Johnny Cash‘s American IV, Cash is one of the greatest ever and this minimal production explains why. If I could give 6, I would. 5/5

The Request

As always, if you have recommendation for artists or albums you think I’d like you are very welcome to send it here, email or facebook.


Fantasy I for Lute / Omer Katzir


The Fantasy

The Story:

I wrote this Fantasy in 2008 while studying with Dr. Levi Sheptovitsky and this is the third issue of  it. The 1st was done with Finale giving me very poor results, especially in the tablature section, the second edition was done with Wayne Cripps Tab, but I still needed a full version with both tablatures and staff notation.

This is pretty much an example of what Lilypond can do, as I wrote in The Linux Story – The Music Engraving Incident. Now, this was not only my work and I’m thinking Lilypond’s hivemind, I couldn’t really get this perfect result without their help.

In 2012 my grandfather Matitiyahu Kosiver died at the age of 95 (or 94 according to some other calculations), his life and death left a great impact on me. My grandfather came from a small Jewish village in Poland and at the age of 3 was sent to a Cheider and then Yeshiva. In 1940 he joined the Russian army to fight the Natzies. If I recall right, only my grandfather and one of his cousins survived the holocaust.

In the day of the funeral my uncle said to me “Your grandfather lived like a king, and died like a king”.


So please enjoy Fantasy I!


The Linux Story – Part II – The Apple Season


And There Was Light…

So, In the previous post of my first steps with Linux, why I never used it and pretty much what I was using most of my life (hi, I’m only 31) I will continue from the same point.

So, after not being able to handle some of my needs with Microsoft Windows I decided in 2005 to buy an iMac, it was iMac 20″, the last model to use PowerPC CPU, a great computer, used to all her Linda.

After a short time playing with the new operating system, I went back to work. Right away I found it was much easier for me to work with Apple’s native applications such as Logic Pro and Garageband. Between  2005 to 2011 I produced three live albums for a local artist here in Israel. Even after finishing with these projects I remained with Apple. The model I currently have is a 5 years old iMac 27″ (late 2009 model)

I also began to play the Lute and study for a B.A. in music, although I do have Windows installed on that iMac, I don’t recall booting to it for a while now. My work for the college did not required any use of Hebrew so I have no issues working with Microsoft Office for Mac or Apple’s Pages. And as some (most actually) aspects require music engraving application. Even for my pastime OSX is great, the only two games I play (World of Warcraft and Star Trek Online) support it, my iPhone sync with iTunes that runs my music library which is shared with every device in my network and my TV is connected to MacMini so I can watch movies and TV shows.

My main work today is music engraving, tabulating, editing, etc. Last year (2013) I received for my 30th birthday a Lenovo G580, a great laptop with Windows 8, I don’t have problems with Windows, until my projects required more and more of my time, which is the main reason I needed a laptop in the first place.

In the next part I will explain what exactly I’m doing, and why on earth I decided to use the applications I’m using.