The Weekly Playlist – August 16th 2014


The Playlist

Wrong date, another fail.


The Story

Of the iMac

So, after 5 years my iMac died, as far as I able to figure, it wasn’t only the hard drive but the graphic card as well. It adds up to the death of my iPhone and other failures around me.  My MacMini is still working, and I have my Lenovo so I’m not completely out. Now I’m thinking where to go next. I can buy parts and get my self Hackintosh or a keep waiting until Apple wakes up with the new iMacs and MacMinis.

Of the Playlist

There was nothing really amazing in the list, none of the albums were something super good or super bad, it was just average. So, I can’t recommend for or against any one the albums.

The Request

As always, if you have recommendation for artists or albums you think I’d like you are very welcome to send it here, email or facebook.