The Weekly Playlist – August 23rd 2014


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It’s been a while since I last heard a studio album by Metallica, like many other fans, I see Metallica (also known as the Black Album) as an abomination, or in other words, piece of cr**. Don’t get me wrong, they do have some good songs in Metallica, Load, and Reload, but in the end, it’s not Metallica as I love from the first four albums.

And there it came Death Magnetic, released in 2008. Yes, It’s been six years and I haven’t listened to this album until this week. This album is not Ride the Lightning, but it’s very far from their 90s releases, you want to know why? They got rid of Jason Newsted. For real now? They god rid of Jason Newsted.

This album slightly bring me back to 1984, I was only a year old. The metallic sound, the distorted guitars and Hetfield screams (almost) reminded me in almost every track, why I love music so much. FREEDOM I scream, with all the trash pop from Bieber and his kind, and the destruction of music by MTV, Metallica managed to realign (yes, almost) with their origin of true music. I gave it 4/5 just because I have high demands when it comes to one of the greatest bands ever.

The Request

As always, if you have recommendation for artists or albums you think I’d like you are very welcome to send it here, email or facebook.