The Linux Story – Between Heaven and Hell


To be honest, it is hard to conclude the story. I choose to install Linux Mint 17 with the cool Cinnamon Desktop Environment. But I chose to install Linux for two application and the sense of adventure.

Finale and other GUI based application will never come near to the abilities of Lilyond in my opinion and Tab is pretty much the only free Lute Tablature engraving application I know.

I don’t use office on this laptop, Libre/Open and other Linux office suites will never get to the level of Microsoft Office, both the Mac version and the Windows one. And I prefer the pro music application OSX has to offer (again, the open source application will never come near Apple’s Logic and Garageband) The only thing I truly miss, is iTunes, but I’m willing to give that up so I can work faster.

Now, Linux require the same maintenance as Windows and OSX, you still need to install updates, keep your account secured (working as root is bad for every system out there)

If I had no sense of adventure and I could use Tab under Windows, so I guess I wouldn’t install Linux in the first place. But other then working, I love to explore, gaming is nice but again, it’s not comfortable on laptop for me anyway and my pro apps are on my iMac.

I will always prefer to work with OSX, but Linux is better then Windows for my needs, before you install it, make sure it also match your needs, and try not to listen to over enthusiasts Linux users, it will just ruin the whole experience.