The Weekly Playlist – August 9th 2014


The Playlist


The Story

Of The Sickness

Well, I wasn’t feeling very good in the past few weeks and last week was the hardest, I was at a hospital for a day but I couldn’t stand it and went back home. I’m not feeling any better, but at least I’m in my own environment. I’m heavily medicated and sleepy all the time. All my work came to an halt until I feel better, which I hope will be soon.

Of The Smartphone

My iPhone died when I was in the hospital, the battery went down from 100% to 0% in about an hour and recharging it was impossible at the hospital. Although I am able to charge it now that I’m home, but I can’t sync it at all, it’s useless even for phone calls, it can’t be charged all the time and I’m not going to hand around with the cable everywhere I go.

So, I took an old Blackberry Bold 9700 from my parents house, surprising as it may sound, I love this device. It has quite long battery life, it’s very easy to handle, and it just works out of the box. It’s not perfect, I can’t setup email and I only have 2G memory card, but again, it works. In 3 months I’m supposed to upgrade my systems and buy a new iPhone, but now I’m thinking perhaps I should buy a Blackberry instead. And to be honest, I don’t think an iPhone can hold 5 years. The Future of Blackberry is uncertain so I’m not sure what will be in three months. Will keep you posted of course.

Of the Playlist

Back to music, in the last playlist I had Country Gems by Chet Atkins. Now, Chet Atkins is one of the best guitar players ever and he knows how to play the guitar, but this album is just pure trash. Many of the tracks are so childish can probably hear them in music for infants CD, these tracks are so bad and make me want to smash my head on a rock. Other, and more disturbing issue with the album is the sound itself, The guitar is so compressed and heavily under effects that you can’t really call it guitar playing, it sounds just as a midi file, very robotic and very boring.

Lucky for me, I wont listen to this album for at least 3 months, and I wont recommend anyone to listen to it, even if it was recorded by one of the most respected guitar players ever existed.

The Request

As always, if you have recommendation for artists or albums you think I’d like you are very welcome to send it here, email or facebook.

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