The Weekly Playlist – July 12th 2014


The Playlist

The Story

It appears that the hit and war got me this week and I forgot to sync the last week’s playlist. There’s a lot going on these days in Israel, we are being bombarded hundred  times a day (last night it was about 160 before I went to bed) and my little brother serves in IDF and it makes us worried.

But trying to ignore the war and all this stress, I replaced the frets and strings on my 7 course lute . Last time was about 3 years ago. Replacing the strings is just like replacing guitar strings, only more strings. The frets are completely different, if a fret is too loose it creates an annoying and unwanted buzz, so some you need to apply some force and position the fret perfectly. I used a little too much force and I actually hurt my forefinger but it was worth it. I hope to do the same for my 10 course lute (these are my actual lutes, thanks James!) this week or next one. I also need to order new strings and frets, but still not sure from where and what type.

The Winner

It took me a while to understand I forgot to sync my list by a while I mean two days. Because I have so much music I can pick another winner from the same list. Last week it was Genesis, a nice cool Pop/Rock platinum collection. This week I chose something similar, but not the same. David Bowie with Heroes win this time. So why David Bowie you ask? He’s not limiting himself for one style or genre. Like a true musician he’s collecting influences from other styles and just do whatever he wants to do. However, I’m not fan, and I can’t really say the music is that great, sometimes it’s just plain stupid, interesting, but stupid. But it’s not  “reality” shows stupidity, it’s the late 70’s stupidity. I’ll give it 4 stars.

The Request

As Always, if you have any recommendations I’ll be glad to hear! just leave a comment here or in any channel you feel like.

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