The Weekly Playlist – July 19th 2014


The Playlist

The Story

So it seems like my iPhone is dead, I ordered original cable in hope it will work. If not, I have a cell phone the annoying part is that I can’t setup WiFi sync without connecting it to the computer first, I really don’t understand Apple’s logic in forcing that. I’m also planning to get a new iPhone when I’m replacing my computers, but it will take at least 6 more months due to a problem with the new Intel CPUs.

I’m also a victim of a very viscous iTunes bug, it doesn’t mark tracks as played or last played, meaning, I can put a track on 200 times, all the  same for iTunes. Because I use a random album playlist it changed quite a lot, and because I’m listening from remote computer (used to be my iPhone, now via iMac) the playlist won’t update. The only solution I found is to play it on the MacMini, but again, it’s a RANDOM playlist, so at the end of the week, I might end up with wrong play count.

The Winner

This week I can barely, even after being aware to that annoying bug and the lack of iPhone I still managed to listen to pretty darn good music, in fact it was a very hard to select one when you have B.B. King, Frank Zappa and Sepultura in the same playlist, But B.B. King wins, no one can really win against 89 years old heavy dude who performing all his life, right?

But there’s another reason this one wins, this is not just another album. First of all, it’s King’s 50th album, quite an achievement for a person growing up in racist Mississippi USA, Sure there are other great black blues musicians about there, but how many of them are 89 and still performing? Second reason is that this album is not just blues about life, This album is about Lucille, Mr. King guitar and companion. Most people can’t understand the connection between a musician and the instrument, if you’re one of those people, leave everything and go grab Six Silver Strings, if you think you understand this connection, go grab it too, and if you just want great music, go grab it.

The Request

As Always, if you have any recommendations I’ll be glad to hear! just leave a comment here or in any channel you feel like.

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