The Weekly Playlist – June 14th 2014


The Playlist:

June 14th 2014

The Winner of last week:

I decided to add another something to my playlists and that’s the big winner of the week. Basically, it’s the album I liked most. So last week (June 7th) was Gateway by Bongzilla, some weird album with cool attitude, light and funny. I gave it 5 stars, worth listening!

The Sad iPhone Story:

This week I also encountered some really bad behavior from my iPhone and now I’m not sure it will hold another 6 months until I replace it. The original cable is…well…pretty much torn and the backup cable doesn’t allow me to sync, only to recharge. In the last minutes of the battery, I managed last night to sync it and set up WiFi sync. Only 6 months, that’s all I ask.

The Request:

as always, you can view the list and recommend some other bands which you think I might like, I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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