The Weekly Playlist – June 7th 2014


The Weekly Playlist:

The Story:

This week my about 7 years old external drive (if not more) gave me a little heart attack when suddenly decided to stop working, I had to disconnect the entire system and check everything, after it didn’t turned on again, I notice one of my cats sleeping on the power supply and for some reason it got stuck thinking it still got power, so I had to turn that one off. Lucky for me, it worked, my music is saved. It just need to hold about 6 more months before I replace it completely.

Other then that, music is flowing a really makes me happy. With each new list I get to listen to albums I never even knew I had. A recommendation I got two weeks ago turn out to be great, A band called Cathedral with sweet sweet music.

My other projects are going on nicely, although I decided it will be my week off from work, I still had some done and I hope to publish my results soon.

The Request:

Review my list and I will be happy to read any suggestions, Podcasts also count!

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